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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 14:20 UTC


New Year starting off with a BANG!

With 14 deals closed in December and over 10 million in escrow so far this year 4 Malibu Real Estate Partners is starting off the year right! Several of our recent deals have been “off market” sales as the low inventory on the MLS has given us an edge due to our in-depth knowledge of the market and knowing what properties are for sale that are “pocket Listings”. We currently have over 25 “pocket listings” that we are showing to active buyers and the list is diminishing quickly as two are going into escrow this week. With several new listings coming in the next several days the market is absolutely on fire! Two of our deals went hard this week and our Big Rock escrow for $2,229,000 is due to close this Thursday. I can’t remember a year ever starting off so strong… SO… Sellers get ready this is your time to shine and buyers call for a complete list of “pocket listings” in all price ranges.


The Carbon House – Case Study #9 – Open to Broker’s this Thursday


Land Side Estate!

This home just came back on the market and is a deal. The property is set at the top of a private drive with dramatic views and complete privacy, includes a pool, tennis court and a superbly designed 10,000+ sq. ft.home featuring 6 bedrooms and 6 1/2 baths… Originally priced at $7.5 million back in 2009, at this price it’s a buy!    $5,250,000



Going, Going, Gone!

And just like that in a matter of weeks the Malibu Beach House inventory has shrunk drastically. Over 12 deals have closed in the last month for beach house sales and there are more dropping everyday. Almost every well priced beach house has offers on it or is in escrow with 15 beach houses currenlty reported as in escrow and several more opening in the next couple days.

What is the deal? We are seeing prices better than we have seen in the last 3 years and of course this is the selling season. But as soon as you think everything is on sale there will be the deals that will prove otherwise. A whopper is in escrow on Malibu Rd. for a reported 20 million and one of the biggest deals of the year close recently for $23 million on Birdview. Still another home just sold for full price on Malibu Cove Colony with another closing next week for $4.5 million.

The good news is that as buyers continue gobbling up properties and the inventory shrinks prices will of course adjust accordingly. Cash deals are the norm as buyers know that a quick cash deal is the recipe for finding the bargins. Many sellers however know that if there is one consitancy in real estate it is that ” price go up, prices go down and prices go up again. Many a seller who can weather the storm know that with this recent shrinking inventory that time is on their side. They are not making anymore beach front properties and more and more people everyday come to Malibu and realize what a special place we have here.


Priced to sell…


After such a sluggish market for so long many sellers are finally opening their eyes to see that to sell your house in this buyer’s market you have to price it to sell. More and more we are seeing new listings coming on that are finally playing to the music and that’s because for sellers to sell they need to be one of the top two priced homes in their price range. While other listings sit and sit with no price reductions others (sometimes literally across the street) come one and show these other listings up by the simple fact that they are priced to sell. Several properties have come on the market recently to prove this. Take for instance this great house that just came on the market yesterday up on Seaboard in Big Rock. The house directy across the street on Roca Chica was listed for almost two months for over $150k higher… and today guess what, they dropped it $100k but now they are competing with the new listing that is still better priced… oops! Now comes this beautifully redone and well mantained home on Seaboard with better views and just a better home all around for much less and guess what…it will sell… and quick! It just goes to show you that there are sellers out there who are listening to their agents and they will be the ones who will benefit in the long run. Bring on the deals!



Protected: Grasswood Purchase!

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Pt Dume 1 Acre Home Reduced by $400k

This “like new” home is now the best deal on Pt Dume in terms of size, location and quality. Practically everything in this home has been completely redone all the way down to the “pebbletex” floor in the garage and custom built-in storage cabinets. The owners installed a state of the art water purification system as well as having completely redone the kitchen, bathrooms and back yard landscaping. This home features two detached “cabanas” complete with power and water, a small vineyard, whitewater view deck, european designed kitchen, secure gated entrance, indoor/ outdoor stereo system and so much more. For those looking for a property that they can literally bring their toothbrush to this home is it!. $3,995,000  Photo Gallery


It’s now!

Yes it’s official we have past the bottom and are bouncing back! The number of deals closed and in escrow this year alone is almost equal to half the entire number of sales for all last year! With almost 30 homes already sold year to date (and those are just the ones that have been reported) and over 50 in escrow Malibu is clearly on the rebound. Several of my clients have finally realized houses ain’t getting any cheaper and are getting ready to close on purchases after looking for nearly 4 years!

2012 will be remembered as “the year we Should have bought” for many and “the year thank goodness we bought” for those ready and willing to commit.

It really is amazing how cyclical the real estate market can be but talking to many who have been in the business for over 30 years it’s incredible to see how history can repeat itself.

Three consistent trends historically showing that 2012 will prove one of the best buying times of the last 20 years for projected gains;

Anyone who historically bought in the year immediately following a recession cleaned up.

Anyone who bought in a year when interest rates were at all time lows cleaned up.

Anyone who bought in a year following three years or more of double digit % drop in value in the real estate market cleaned up.

It’s no wonder we are seeing such a surge of activity… It’s about time!!!

The real question is how long will it take buyers to realize this to the point where prices will begin that steady climb back up … Probably sooner than you would think. Stay tuned!


Malibu is on the Move

With the Spring selling season right around the corner and the Malibu Real Estate Market at the bottom there has been some good movement on homes as of late especially on the beach. While the number of land side homes selling has started to climb due to unbelievable value in prices (especially in the under $2 million range) quite a few beach houses have also gone into escrow or sold as of late and for some incredible value.

Three houses are now in escrow on Malibu Rd. with 2 being absolute steals! Two houses on La Costa are now in escrow both in less than a month on the market.  Another home on Corral Beach is close to closing after having lingered on the market for close to two years and yet another a home on Malibu Rd is in escrow for a reported under $4.5 million. Only one other property has sold on the beach side of Malibu Rd. since 2006…. YES NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. However, just in the last two weeks new listings have come on the market in the $12, $15, $18 ,$25 & $26 million price range.

Buyers who have been watching and waiting and sitting on the fence for years are seeing this market as the best buying opportunity in Malibu in the last decade and they will simply not wait any longer. While many “would-be” buyers continue to kick the tires and talk a big game the real buyers know that now is the time and these prices may never be seen again. But as the inventory goes down and demand goes up there will of course be a shift and the buyers who buy in 2012 will be happy and the ones who waited to try and ”time the market at the bottom” will start to realize they missed a golden opportunity that may never come around again. For my three top picks on VALUE ON THE BEACH GIVE ME A CALL… My guess is they won’t be around for long.


Offers are flying

Well it’s official… The buyers are out! It’s that time of year, chesnuts roasting on the open fire, christmas lights abound and cash buyers are looking to make a killing. We are seeing a massive wave of offers by buyers looking to cash in on sellers woes. It never fails; in a seemingly wholesale priced market those buyers who have been on the sidelines watching and waiting for the right time have decided that now is the time. Despite several million dollar price reductions a house on Malibu Rd. saw an offer this week for $1.5 million dollars less than an already massive price cut. A commercial property that was in escrow for $18 million three years ago has multiple offers for under $7 million and a recently listed beach house that came down $500k has an offer for almost 1 million dollars less than asking. Yes if you are willing to make a deal now could be your best time to sell.

BUT what many of these buyers don’t understand is that Malibu will always have value and demand and properties out here are a finite resource and once the good ones are gone they are gone. SO…. If you are waiting for that 25% drop off the already wholesale priced property you may be in for a long wait. The unique properties will always be that… Unique! Sellers who realize this, know how special their properties are and are not in dire straights literally hold the keys to Malibu real estate and to get in real buyers will always need to pay real prices.

Recently a buyer became distraught when his $7 million offer on a $15 million listing was not accepted. Reality check please…

So yes there may be some great priced properies right now but the truly special ones will always hold their value and unless buyers (even the all cash ones) start to realize this, those buyers will remain buyers as opposed to owners.

For those buyerswith their head in the clouds… Stay thirsty my friends!