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Off Market Deals And How To Find Them

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

What's always been an interesting facet of the real estate market here in Malibu has recently (more than ever before) taken front and center stage. With such a limited amount of inventory in the Malibu real estate market and more buyers than ever before looking to purchase homes the number of off market sales has skyrocketed in the past 12 months. From high-end beach houses to entry level single family homes there is not a single part of the market not seeing a surge in off market sales. The question everyone asks of course is "how do I find out about these properties before anyone else?"

The answer is you need to have a real estate broker who not only specializes in Malibu properties but one who is tuned into what is happening on a daily basis in this local market. Many properties are brought to a short list of active brokers in Malibu simply due to the fact that they are the ones who have the qualified buyers ready to purchase when the right property comes up. Most of these properties end up being sold very quickly to those select buyers who are not only qualified and have their financing all tee'd up but who have experienced and focused brokers who know how to get their offers accepted. The beauty of off market sales is that they can happen quickly and confidentially and close before anyone looking on the open market has even a remote clue that the property is available for sale!



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