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6 Common Misconceptions in Real Estate

Updated: May 9, 2018

When it comes to buying and selling homes, conventional wisdom has its flaws.

Popular misconceptions about real estate make many people hesitant to get into the home-buying or -selling game. And that’s a shame.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home, don’t let the following conventional wisdom stop you. There’s not as much truth to it as you think.

“All agents are the same.” Is your agent a licensed “agent” or “broker”. That alone separates Brant Didden from 90% of the other Realtors you will interview to represent your home. What about proven results? All agents clearly are NOT the same.

“The house will sell itself.” Your property needs a local expert who is experienced and trained in the art of prepping, showcasing, selling homes and closing real estate transactions. The right Realtor can make the difference between locking in the right buyer quickly for your property or your property sitting indefinitely on the market. Who better to showcase the beautiful aspects of your home and local community than a licensed Broker whose chosen profession is selling real estate.

“The price will be the price.” There is an art to pricing your home to bring offers and a sale… and in this market pricing IS everything. How your home is priced will directly affect the end result.

“The property will get the same exposure whoever your agent is.” Not every agent is qualified to be representing your home. You need an experienced local agent with the tools to bring a complete marketing system to the table to ensure your property gets the maximum exposure possible.

“The service will be identical.” The sale of your property might be the single most important financial event in your life. This deserves a hard working broker that can and will be able to properly represent your property at a moment’s notice, negotiate the highest possible sales price and get the transaction closed and do all this with 100% commitment to excellence.

“Someone else will do the same job for less.” A discount broker is just that “a discount”. You may end up stepping over ten’s or hundred’s of thousands of dollars to save a few thousand. A full commission allows your broker to do a full job marketing & selling your property and incentivizes buyer’s agents to bring you strong offers from qualified buyers. Commission is not a way to get business; it’s a marketing tool to sell your home.


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